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Elegant leashes and luxury collars – VELVETIER®.

Above all, we strive for style that’s comfortable without compromising on looks. In creating VELVETIER® we put together an international team of designers spanning the great metropolises of Europe. VELVETIER® gives your dog the shine and style it deserves

The concept was simple – Our designs are not everyday products, but rather highlights to add a touch of elegance to your everyday life. Give your dog the style and Spark they deserve.

VELVETIER®’s one-of-kind collars are eye-catching while combining style and comfort with your dog’s needs. – with a collar and leash from VELVETIER®, you get a comfortable, practical and stable set, but also elegance and luxury in your life. Our designs add a touch of elegance to your everyday life.

We believe your dog deserves the best including leashes and collars that match their personality. Our products focus on quality craftsmanship with a luxurious look and feel.

Comfortable and safe.

The colours and materials of Velvetier’s products are inspired by the world of fashion with sustainability in mind. We deliberately avoid using real leather. Instead, we use fine canvas or a robust microfiber synthetic leather. Each piece is quality controlled, ensuring that you and your pup can enjoy it for a long time. We believe that quality creates true satisfaction.

No rubbing and chafing. Approved premium quality. Because everyone deserves a little luxury.